Claremont Insider: Clairmont Currier

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Clairmont Currier

The Claremont Courier has finally done it. Driven us cuckoo. Bonkers. Crazy-ape-bananas.

What is with the near-illiteracy of the paper? For example, on Page 1 of yesterday's paper, the caption to the photo reads, "Claremont has faired better than nearby cities". "Faired"? How about "fared"?

OK, everybody makes a mistake. Even us, occasionally. But then scanning the articles we come to the sad story on page 5 of the untimely death of yet another member of the Claremont College community, Pitzer student Luke Rogers.

We read that Mr. Rogers sang in an a capella group that held its last performance on September 9th outside "Prairie" Dining Hall at Pomona College. H-m-m-m...that's a new one on us. We have heard of Frary Hall, the north-quad dining room containing the famous Orozco mural, Prometheus. And Frank Dining Hall. But never heard of "Prairie".

And then we turn to page 6 where John Pixley's column starts out referring to "Frerry" Dining Hall and the famed Mexican artist "Orasco".

Please. The business of a newspaper is words.

Mistakes such as this do no honor to the memory of people like Luke Rogers, nor to Pomona College nor to José Orozco. They are an embarrassment to an educated community. We were so put off we didn't even bother to finish the articles.

Maybe the paper can start with baby steps. Resolve merely to avoid bonehead typos on page 1. And when it has gone several weeks successfully accomplishing that modest goal, try for two pages. And so on.

Can the Courier please, please, please get a copy editor? Please. Thank you.