Claremont Insider: Friday Crime News

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Crime News

The Daily Bulletin reported on FBI crime data for three area cities: Claremont, Ontario, and Pomona. According to the Bulletin, murders in Pomona increased to 27 in 2007, up from 19 in 2006 and 21 in 2005. Ontario also had a slight increase and had 15 murders in 2007.

Nationwide, the article said, both violent crimes and property crimes decreased last year.

Claremont did experience an increase in rapes, a stat the CPD tried to spin:

Claremont experienced an increase in rapes to 11 in 2007 from six in 2006 and two in 2005.

Claremont police Capt. Gary Jenkins said the increase is attributed to two likely unfounded rapes, one rape out of the country that was reported back to Claremont and two victims who did not want to prosecute.

* * *

The Bulletin and the San Bernardino Sun have a "Breaking News" blog that reported last week that Claremont's police department will be conducting roving DUI stops on Fridays and Sundays:
CLAREMONT- The Claremont Police Department will conduct roving DUI patrols on Friday and Sunday nights.

Officers will be looking for drunken and/or drugged drivers as well as valid driver's licenses.

One of the funnier comments came from an Upland respondent:
Uplander said:

That's great timing. The downtown Claremont Wine Walk is tonight. Should be like shooting fish in a barrel.

September 12, 2008 8:47 AM