Claremont Insider: Claremont Outsources Fastpitch To India

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Claremont Outsources Fastpitch To India

[Editor's Note: This space has already reported on the outsourcing by Claremont Fastpitch where they are advertsing in UPLAND, trolling for participants from that community. The sign in question has since been removed. In the meantime, it turns out, this outsourcing is even more widespread than we had imagined. Our correspondent in Bangalore, Anand Gupta, reports:]

Hellos and hosannas from Bangalore. Your servant Anand writes you to inform you that one of the greatest dailies on the subcontinent has contained the advertisement noted below for FastPitch in Claremont, CA. One of my stringers has provided to me a clipping from said daily with the pertinent information which I attach for you.

With due respect, it might be more successful in India to search for outsourced football (soccer in America) players. Football is a much more popular pastime over here. Bend it like Beckham!

It will be an exciting Saturday when the Bangalore Torpedoes take on the until-now-undefeated Black Pearl in the FastPitch 14-and-under league. That will be a game to remember.

Until later, Anand