Claremont Insider: Ghost of Hillary Past in Claremont

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ghost of Hillary Past in Claremont

The New York Times on Sunday will have an article (page 1, below the fold) concerning a trove of letters written by former first lady and president-wannabee Hillary Rodham Clinton to Scripps College professor John Peavoy. The letters were apparently written over several years in the mid-sixties.

Our friends who know Professor Peavoy tell us the description of him in the article rings true: wild-haired academic, big silver glasses, bushy sideburns. They add that behind the hirsute camoflauge, there is a rather ruddy boyish countenance and a person who probably forgot more yesterday about films than any of the rest of us will ever know. The bit about the house "cluttered with movies, books and boxes"? Believe it.

This story puts us in mind of former Scripps president and erstwhile and still-continuing Clintonite Nancy Y. Bekavac who announced her resignation only last spring, effective last month. She is another bona fide friend of Hillary, though in more recent contact than Professor Peavoy, as we read.

If there is a moral here, it might be that your neighbors can harbor interesting secrets and pasts.