Claremont Insider: Overheard Chit-Chat

Monday, July 9, 2007

Overheard Chit-Chat

We received this note from a reader who says they overheard a candid conversation between a former Councilmember and a local business person. The names of the two people having the conversation have been changed:

Shortly after the last municipal election, where the current new members of the City Council were elected, I was sitting in the 42nd St. Bagel in the Village and over heard the following conversation between former Councilmember Joe Schmoe and Mr. John Doe.

Doe: Well Joe are you happy with the election outcome?

Schmoe: Yes, very much so. We have taken back the City Council. Now we can get things done. We got rid of that <expletive deleted> McHenry and that idiot Calaycay is... useless on the Council. But we will get him off at the next election.

I do not know either of these men but was taken aback by the comments. Mr. Doe seemed to be agreeing with Mr. Schmoe, but it might have been out of courtesy in a public place.

If our reader's account is accurate, we'll see more of the same in the next city election in March 2009.