Claremont Insider: Reader Poetry

Friday, July 27, 2007

Reader Poetry

We've received a lot of mail lately, and we've been wading through it all. The letter referred to realtor and Claremont 400er Nick Q, whom you may recall reportedly phoned one former member of Claremont's Citizens Finance Advisory Committee to cuss him out for not voting to recommend adopting the Landscaping and Lighting District assessment back in 1990.

The letter caught our eye because of the creative aspect involved:

I am reminded of a letter to the editor in the Claremont Courier written by Nick Q that expressed what many of the Claremont 400 feel about people who disagree with them and speak out about it---if you don't like what we do in Claremont, leave town.

It was written about Dean McHenry [husband of local watchdog and former City Councilmember Jackie McHenry], who I presume had spoken out on some issue, probably the Landrum shooting or some other touchy issue for the 400, and basically told McHenry that if he didn't like what Claremont does he should leave town. I remember seeing this letter and wanting to submit a letter of my own, but I did not. Instead, I wrote a little ditty that amused me but never shared it. I will share it with you and your readers today. I think it speaks , in a humorous way, for many of the 400.

"There once was a realtor named Q
Who didn't like what Dean would do,
So he fussed and he frowned
Said get out of town
And by the way, take your wife, too."