Claremont Insider: Widget News

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Widget News

Readers might notice our "Most Popular Page" list in the lefthand column now has little ads at the bottom. This is not our ad, and the Insider receives no revenue from it.

The "Most Popular Pages" list is generated by a "widget", a free little programming tool that we got from a site called The person who created the popular page widget, Gene Kavner, apparently wants to generate income of his own from his invention.

Widgets are handy things. The weather box at the upper left, for instance, or the Diann Fact Watch counter, are both free items bloggers can customize and paste into their sites. We like the "Popular Pages," and think it's a helpful tool. We apologize for the advertisements. If they bother you, let us know. We can always remove the widget in question. As we said, we like the tool, but not if it becomes and irritant.

The Editors