Claremont Insider: Chef Jeff Gets a Tip

Monday, December 10, 2007

Chef Jeff Gets a Tip

Look for the City Council to leave a little on the table for the chef at Council meeting tomorrow, December 11, 2007. The agenda report says that he will find another $17,764 in his pay envelope as an increase to his annual salary. In addition, he will receive a one-time payment for his meritorious service of $9,300. Total: $27,064.

The new salary, exclusive of the nice bonuses that seem to rain down predictably, will be $205,000 effective November 30. There are approximately 35,000 residents in Claremont. Did YOU get $7 in value from City Manager Jeff Parker?

We wonder whether it was the great work on the Johnson's Pasture purchase that earned Parker the bonus and the raise. Or whether it was his reaction--calling in Interpol, the NKVD, the Secret Service, and the Stasi--to our modest efforts at exposing the salaries of city employees. (No, Linda Elderkin reported in the Courier that that subject did not come up.) Well, there must be something good that he did. We will be interested to hear it at the council meeting tomorrow night.

Hey, at least he has a degree from a recognized university.