Claremont Insider: Saturday Mail

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Saturday Mail

We've got quite a backlog of email to get to, and we'll try to tackle that as time permits.

One frequent reader wrote in to comment on yesterday's post about some local Democrats and the Base Line Rd. affordable housing:

Now now Buzz, I am an ultra liberal tree hugging Democrat. And very against the proposed site for the low and affordable housing site only because of the environmental impact on longer term childhood residents. So lets not jump on Democrats. First of all you now know why I am no longer a member of the Claremont Democrat club, because I did find them to not be democratic but a front organization for the fascist Claremont 400. True Democrats would never condone the erection of such a facility that could be so harmful. The site in question should only be for use of a governmental or business nature. Please note to the Faux Claremont Democratic Club that even the Ontario Montclair School District in the face of school closures are consider those schools closest to the freeway as the ones to be closed first.

Don't defame us "good" Democrats.
Our apologizes to our reader. We were just pointing out what seemed like obvious contradictions between actions of a number of prominent local Democrats, several of whom are on the board of the local Democratic Club, and the party's traditional position on environmental issues.

Human Services Commissioner Andrew Winnick, who pushed the Human Services Commission to issue a resolution in support of the Base Line Rd. project (to give the City Council cover, as Winnick will tell anyone who will listen), continually makes a false argument that the Base Line Rd. site is the only possibility for affordable housing.

Winnick gives the public a false choice between Base Line Rd. or no project and tosses aside the environmental plank of the Democratic Party's platform. What's this doing here? Plunk.

Rather than turn to finding and achieving viable alternatives, Winnick and his friends move farther and farther out of step with their party and with rationality in their pronouncements on the project. In the face of contrary evidence, they're unable to veer from their pre-detemined course and are unwilling to listen to reason. Must...stay...the...course, stay the course.

In any case, sorry if you felt tarred by our critical brush yesterday. Winnick's hypocrisy obviously does not extend to our reader or all the Democrats the reader represents.