Claremont Insider: Saturday Mailbag

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Saturday Mailbag

Another trip to the mailbag finds a reader responding to Thursday's post. The reader agrees that our City Council seems to be overcompensating for it's feelings of inadequacy. Must be redevelopment envy.

Here's what our reader had to say:

I found this Blog kind of by accident as I was surfing the web for some info on the expansion and have since been reading it on a regular basis. I absolutely love reading it.

I share many of your views and observations that are written on your blog. I have lived in Claremont for 8 years now and come to really love it here. But I'd have to say that from my observations over the years I see the city council as inexperienced small town folks trying to emulate the urban artsy fartsy social scene of Old Town Pasadena, especially since Yao and company came on board. In other words they are urban wannabe's. (sp?)

I found it amusing that Ms Baldanado would call the people of Victorville "hicks", when I know many from the L.A. area and Orange County area think that Claremont is a hickish town. I grew up in New York City and when family are in town, they all think Claremont is a small hick town, as well. But then, they feel any city outside of New York is a small town. So I don't know what Ms. Baldonado is talking about.

The current city council likes to present themselves as caring and educated yet they seem to make many decisions regardless of the facts presented to them. One council member Peter Yao, I believe, is trying hard to change the feel and landscape of the city. He seems the most inclined to change the face of the city. Yet he is not seeing the whole picture and the long term effects and eventual consequences of these decisions. I see him as a chameleon who changes his views according to what he sees would get him the most votes during an election. As was evident during his first run for city council. He had been so against the Padua Park, speaking out against it very publicly but then suddenly when it became apparent that he was running for city council he changed his views on the park. Was it because he saw that he would get more votes if he was against it? I think so. He seems to enjoy the concept of "Eminent Domain" of just taking over property if owners refuse to comply with what the city council's plans are. I was appalled at the threats of taking over the property where the present Doubletree hotel sits. It would seem that Mr.Yao and company have already planned things out for the future to take away the land from the current owners.

Again, after eight years of being in Claremont, I have concluded that the city council are like children wanting to be something they are not. They are urban wannabe's but have no clue how to properly go about it. They lack common sense and seem apathetic to what the residents of the city have to say. With the exception of two or three both previous and current city council members since I have lived here In my view, have exhibited arrogance and apathy. I have seen a lot money spent on so called studies for their pet projects. Money that could have been spent more wisely. Hey, lets build another "roundabout" on Indian Hill and then spend money to take it away.