Claremont Insider: Village Implosion?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Village Implosion?

Vision of Claremont's Future?

Another reader opinion on the Claremont Village Expansion:

Would one might believe that the planner (s) of the Village West Expansion got their doctorate in Urban Planning from Rushmore University? I am so glad I am not the only person that sees the Village Expansion West as blight upon the beauty of Claremont. I will say by the end of 2008 the Village West will be a ghost town of failed businesses. The word is already out in the commercial real estate circles that Village West is a losing venture and are stirring their clients away from it as a consideration, parking being the biggest problem.

When will the electorate of Claremont ever realize that the City Council is inhabited by people that have no practical common sense when it comes to City Management. They need to go!
At least if the Village, old and new, sputters the blight will entitle us to a new round of eminent domain in 20 or so years.

Maybe redevelopment is really just another word for "Ponzi scheme."