Claremont Insider: The Claremont Student Goes Online

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Claremont Student Goes Online

The Claremont Colleges have a semi-new media outlet. The Claremont Student, published for the past five years a "infotainment print magazine" has moved online.

Editor-in-chief Sarah Young had this to say in an October 15th letter to readers:

The Claremont Student was established to report on the controversial and the bizarre at the 5Cs, ruffling as many feathers as it could in the process. From Naughty Revolutions to 5C drug use, we have covered the issues, events and trends affecting the Claremont Colleges. Unlike voice, The Student Life or The Claremont Independent our publication was, is and will always be unaffiliated with a specific school, allowing for greater journalistic integrity and freedom of expression.

For the past five years we have published as the consortium’s infotainment print newsmagazine par excellence, dedicated to investigating the underbelly of the 5Cs. Last semester the editorial staff made the momentous decision to publish online—only online. After many headaches, late nights and gallons of coffee we are now a fully functioning online publication.

Why did we do this? Because we know it’s the future. Print publications have, since the advent of Internet, been on the decline. Any magazine or newspaper who does not acknowledge the importance of web journalism will fail to gain a handle on the tools of the 21st century. Journalists in all fields, from photography to publishing, need to adapt to this changing environment. We offer something no other 5C publication can: an opportunity to participate in the dynamic medium of web journalism as readers, writers and artists. This website is meant to be interactive—you have the power to respond and affect what you read through your comments and suggestions. New content will be uploaded almost every week so there will always be something salacious to read and write about.
Check out the regular features, like the sex column "Hey, Nympho!" or "Straight from Uranus," the horoscope feature. Good taste is timeless.