Claremont Insider: Bernard Field Station News

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bernard Field Station News

The Claremont Courier also had a Kelsy McDonald article yesterday about the Claremont University Consortium's (CUC) plan to develop part of the Bernard Field Station.

The article (also not online yet) said:

Opponents of the development claim that the land is important as one of the last intact native Californian ecosystems of coastal sage scub and vernal pools, an academic resource, and sacred land for the Native American Tongva tribe.

A lawsuit brought against CUC by the Friends of the Bernard Field Station in 2000 resulted in an agreement to preserve the central 40 acres of the 90-acre land for 50 years. Since then, the preserved area has been the only parcel officially dubbed the "Temporarily Restricted Robert J. Bernard Field Station," while CUC refers to the entire 90 acres still used as a field station and other lands north of Foothill s the "north campus property."

The article states that CUC wants to build several administrative buildings and a parking lot on the unpreserved north campus property. As you might expect, the Friends of the Bernard Field Station, and there may be a reprise of the protests and litigation that happened back in 2001.