Claremont Insider: Claremont Alpha Males in DC This Week

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Claremont Alpha Males in DC This Week

We freely admit we haven't got the full story on the cancellation of last night's regularly scheduled council meeting. It seems that only two council members are attending the National League of Cities Congress in Washington DC. Our best information is that councilmember Sam Pedroza and Mayor pro tem Ellen Taylor are there, along with City Manager Jeff Parker, Assistant City Manager Tony Ramos, and Management Analyst Colin Tudor.

It would seem that Council, with a majority present in Claremont, could struggle along with it's quorum of 3, but maybe they need Parker and Ramos to hold their collective hand.

Still, with all the news this week about the "amenities" available in Washington DC, we don't find it too surprising that there would be a rush for tickets to the League of Cities Congress, especially for some of the guys. Watch those warrant registers for $4300 bottles of water. A fella gets all tired and stressed after a day of doing the City Business. That's where the "Chairman's Club VIP" comes in.
A special request from supporters in Pilgrim Place asks Sam to especially check out the Mayflower Hotel, and to try the door on room 871 (the door on the right at the end of the hall). Ask for Kristen.

We are expecting to hear a full report on this valuable trip when council next meets on March 25.