Claremont Insider: Three Forks Makeover

Friday, March 28, 2008

Three Forks Makeover

Will Bigham in the Daily Bulletin posted a brief piece about Three Forks Restaurant in the Claremont Packing House having to change names after receiving a letter from a Texas restaurant called III Forks:

CLAREMONT - One of the hottest new restaurants in the area will likely be changing its name.

Three Forks Chop House, located in the city's downtown Packing House, received a cease and desist letter in December from the owners of a Texas-based restaurant called III Forks, said Mark Bollinger, who co-owns the restaurant with his brother.

Bigham's piece said that Three Forks will be changing its name soon to "The Forks."

We wrote about the problem and the similarities between the two places last month.