Claremont Insider: Be Careful Whom You Honor

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Be Careful Whom You Honor

Last week we touched briefly on the Courier letter from Janis Weinberger, Muriel Farritor, and Kay Moore, questioning the city staff planning for removal of senior programs from Joslyn Center, at the corner of Harrison and Mountain, to Hughes Center, in the nethermost reaches of northwest Claremont.

Most readers will recognize Ms. Weinberger as a co-owner of the Courier, wife of long-time Courier editor Martin Weinberger, and local advocate for seniors. In fact, in 2003, the City named a newly completed wing on the Joslyn Center after Ms. Weinberger: the Janis McMaken Weinberger Wing.

So it's more than a little curious to see her as lead author on an August 6th Courier letter questioning the City decision-making on the senior center. Seems the City got a little ahead of itself and had workmen removing the sign, Joslyn Senior Center, even while the Committee on Aging was holding a meeting nearby, not having been informed of this decision.

Welcome to our Claremont, Ms. Weinberger, the Town of the Fait Accompli.

The City hurriedly posted a "fact" sheet on August 7th. [the scare quotes are on purpose; City "facts" are not at all like real facts] For your convenience, we provide a translated version below. Our translations are in red.

We guess the lesson here is that the City ought to honor people only after they are safely deceased, and can no longer readily rally public sentiment.

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