Claremont Insider: Rest in Peace, Claremont Camera

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rest in Peace, Claremont Camera

Saturday marked the end of an era as Claremont Camera, closed three weeks ago, auctioned its remaining stock and fixtures.

After 30-some years in business the store could not withstand the shift away from film to digital photography. Everyman an artist.

Claremont Camera had a reputation that extended beyond Claremont. It was known for knowledgeable and helpful counter people who could guide the novice or make intelligent recommendations to the pro. And unless the customer was looking for something really exotic, the item was usually in stock.

It was a sober Joslyn Jane who joined the Internet sales people and eBay bottom-feeders at the auction preview on Friday. In the end we didn't even register to bid, and we didn't come back for the auction. Cases of assorted filters, various flash adapters, lenses, lenses, and more lenses, and some lots of used cameras including the venerable Argus C3 that we used when a little somehow just left a sour taste and held no attraction.

We heard that as the auction hour approached on Saturday the pressure understandably built, and the owner threw a guy out of the store. Probably the guy acted like he was buying retail instead of sweeping up the dust of part of a man's life.

Don't expect a chirpy notice in the City Manager's Update on this passage. Things like these usually are not recognized, especially when these things don't fit the narrative.