Claremont Insider: City Pays at the Pump, Just Like You

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

City Pays at the Pump, Just Like You

Gas prices are hitting the City of Claremont just like anyone else, according to the Claremont Courier. Tony Krickl's article in Saturday's Courier reported:

With a fleet of 109 vehicles to maintain, rising gas prices can significantly affect the city’s bottom line.

From July 2007 to the end of June 2008, the city purchased 83,869 gallons of unleaded fuel at an average cost of $3.05 per gallon, said Community Services Department Director Scott Carroll. It also consumed 42,430 gallons of diesel fuel at an average of $3.23.

The total cost of fuel last fiscal year for the city amounted to $393,000.

On July 24, the city made another bulk fuel purchase of unleaded costing $3.68 per gallon and diesel up to $4.34 per gallon. Assuming gas prices do not increase over the next year, the city will be spending $493,000 for fuel in 2008/2009 – a jump of $100,000 or 26 percent.

One advantage the city has over you, though, is that the city can always raise the price of services like trash collection to help defray higher gas bills. Most of you can't automatically raise the money you bring home to pay your bills.