Claremont Insider: Separated at Birth

Monday, August 25, 2008

Separated at Birth

Apparently, when one gets elected mayor, one is allowed to use the ceremonial gavel to clobber pushy kids - it's all about the kids, you know.

A reader wrote in with a link to a bit of news about the mayor of Clayton, CA, in Contra Costa County. Clayton Mayor Gregg Manning ran into a couple young girls whom he thought were out of line. That public safety issue raised its ugly head again as Manning tried to straighten out the miscreants. Manning may want to call Claremont Mayor Ellen Taylor for advice on public relations and crisis management.

Small-town Southern California meet small-town Northern Cal:

Saturday, August 23, 2008 7:55 PM
Subject: ellen taylor has a twin
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A family in Clayton, California grew more zucchini and tomatoes than they could use, so their two little girls -- ages 11 and 3 -- set up a stand on the sidewalk to sell the extras from their backyard vegetable garden. The mayor found out, and sent in the police to bust them for running a "commercial enterprise" in a neighborhood zoned for residential use. Best part: When the family called to talk to the mayor about it, he wouldn't take their call. As he said to the TV station that reported on the whole thing, there's no need to talk to the family, because they chose to "ignore the rules" and got what was coming to them.

Small town mayors are very protective of their sidewalks.

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