Claremont Insider: Raveler Spam

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Raveler Spam

Do these guys ever take a vacation? We got some more Raveler news in our Inbox a couple days ago. Sorry about the late notice if you're a Raveler fan. The band is playing in Chino Hills tonight at 6:30pm. They're also due back at the Claremont Doubletree on September 5th. Here's the whole spam and all the spam:

Hey Now...

Lots of kids, teachers, and school staff are heading back to school this week. The Ravelers want to make sure that your summer just doens't come to a sudden stop, so come out to a great park in Chino Hills this Wednesday.

The Richter scale got some exercise there a couple of weeks ago...let's give it another bump, shall we...

Wednesday, August 27- Chino Hills Concert in the Park!
---Crossroads Park
---Chino Hills Prkwy & Eucalyptus
---Chino Hills, CA
The Ravelers play 6:30 to 8:30pm. Bring your picnic dinner, blanket, family and friends for The Ravelers' last summer park concert of this season.

The Ravelers will be returning to the Doubletree Claremont on Friday, Sept 5 and the LA County Fair on Friday, Sept 19. Both of those events are always a blast, so we hope to see you soon! See The Ravelers' web site for details.

Have fun!

Hai, Pat, Martie, Rob
The Ravelers