Claremont Insider: Farewell and Adieu

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Farewell and Adieu

Claremont Unified School District said goodbye to CUSD Superintendent David Cash (left) this past Thursday. Wes Woods II covered the fête in in the Daily Bulletin.

Cash, swapping one alluvial fan for another, heads off to the Fresno suburb of Clovis ("Gateway to the Sierras") in the San Joaquin Valley. We wish him the best of luck in his new district when he begins there on July 1.

The Bulletin article said most of the attendees at Cash's farewell party spoke highly of him. However, as any Insider would know, there's always a Debbie Downer in the crowd:

Suzanne Miller, president of the Claremont Faculty Association, was reserved with her comments.

"We're not sad he's leaving," Miller said. "He gives the illusion of transparency, but it's not."

For example, the association found out through a newspaper report earlier this year that K-3 classes would have an increased student to teacher ratio of 24 to one, she said.

"It was not told to us," Miller said.