Claremont Insider: Jeff Parker's Raise

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jeff Parker's Raise

The Institutional Memory Timer Goes "Ding!"

With a city council meeting coming up tonight, we thought it would be a good time for City Manager Jeff Parker to report on the status of his Cost of Living Adjustment of $6,000 annually. You may remember that on January 12, Parker announced that he would defer accepting that raise for 90 days. This ninety-day period expired on April 12, and we wonder,

Did he or didn't he?

Accept the $6,000 raise, that is.

Does anyone know?

At the time, Parker said he would accept the $8,000 performance bonus granted by councilmembers Elderkin, Pedroza, and (retired Mayor) Taylor.


Covered in the Bulletin here

Covered by Tony Krickl here. See especially the comment by a Chris Moran: "COLAs for people in the six-figure range? These days. You've got to be kidding... "

Thanx to a reader for the reminder.