Claremont Insider: Two Noteworthy Local Blogs

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Two Noteworthy Local Blogs

We've recently placed two blogs on our "must read" list.

We've mentioned the blog Claremont Now by Daily Bulletin reporter Wes Woods II. It came to our notice recently with this piece mentioning that the trial of Xavier Alvarez had been moved from April 29th to June 3. We don't know how the Bulletin decides what to publish in the paper and what to put in the blog, but the blog is updated often and contains perhaps minor things that don't make it into the paper.

Use this link for the Claremont Now Archive, an easy-to-scan list of titles.

We highly recommend, Inland Empire Courts by Bulletin courthouse reporter (and former Claremont-beat journo) Will Bigham. This blog is also updated frequently and gives all the important news from the Pomona Superior courthouse. As an example see here for testimony about what happened in January's home invasion robbery, beating, and attempted murder that took place on West 10th Street. We had missed this one.

As with Claremont Now, note that the Inland Empire Courts Archive is a frequently-updated scannable list of current and older posts by Bigham about court news.