Claremont Insider: Solis Hard at Work on Job Creation

Friday, May 22, 2009

Solis Hard at Work on Job Creation

If you were curious about how Labor Secretary Hilda Solis has fared in Washington, wonder no more. The Onion ran an article about the work the Cal Poly Pomona grad is doing.

If The Onion is any guide, Solis seems to have transposed her experience in the California state legislature directly to the Obama administration. The headline read: "Department of Labor Spends $40 Billion to Create One Amazing New Job."

The Onion piece said:

WASHINGTON—In an effort to stimulate economic growth and boost the confidence of the American workforce, the federal government has allocated $40 billion to create one unbelievably mind-blowing new job, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis announced Monday.

The position, which will require the selected applicant to relocate to a sprawling, white-sand-beach facility on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, will begin immediately after the employee is hired. In addition to a $500,000 annual salary, Solis said that the job also includes 12 weeks of paid vacation, a generous pension, bimonthly bonuses for adequate attendance totaling more than $2 million a year, a company rocket pack, and full health benefits.