Claremont Insider: Claremont: Poster-Child for High Speed Internet

Monday, June 11, 2007

Claremont: Poster-Child for High Speed Internet

In Claremont, on Tuesday, we see that Verizon will begin filming an ad for its new ultra-high speed Internet service described, in the City literature warning residents of the filming, as FIOS. FIOS apparently means FIberOptic Service and promises "mind-bending speeds of 100 Mbits per second or more!"

Only problem: You can't get it in Claremont.

The Insider checked the phone numbers of several friends (Yes, the Insider has friends, numbering well into the single digits) and Verizon informs us that FIOS is not available, and is not available anywhere in Claremont so far as we can determine. You can check it yourself.

It's kind of like filming an ad for Viagra in a monastery, an ad for a thresher-harvester combine in New York City, or an ad for good government--well--in Claremont.

There is information--we can't vouch for the authenticity--that only a few forward-looking cities in California currently have FIOS citywide, including Beaumont, Lake Elsinore, Sun City, and Westminster.

So be sure to stop by the filming Tuesday or Wednesday, and see the happy connected people on Yale between 2nd and 4th street, on 4th between Yale and College, and at the Grille, Hair Plus, the Press, and City Hall. Remember, they are actors, and although they may be happy, they won't really be connected.