Claremont Insider: Odds and Ends

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Odds and Ends

If you've been down to see what's going on with Village West recently, you may have seen the new glass tile mosaic taking shape near the new parking structure building. The Courier has an article about the work in today's edition.


Village West isn't the only place undergoing major work. Work has begun on the Old School House building at Indian Hill Blvd. and Foothill Blvd. A Trader Joe's store will eventually go in there, and a parking structure and a housing element are in the works. Also, the Candlelight Pavillion will is due for a remodel. Tony Krickl reported on the Old School House in Wednesday's Courier.


At Claremont's current high school Prinicipal Carrie Allen will be moving on to another position with Claremont Unified School District, or so notes Will Bigham in today's Daily Bulletin. The article said that Ms. Allen will be District Director of Secondary Education. The article also noted the community concerns from two years ago when Ms. Allen allowed Jeremy Iversen to go undercover at the school. Mr. Iversen wrote a book called "High School Confidential" about his experiences there.


Will Bigham also reported that Verizon will be shooting a commerical in the Claremont Village next Tuesday and Wednesday. The shoot will affect parking on Harvard and 2nd St.