Claremont Insider: Courier Bites Back

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Courier Bites Back

The Claremont 400 have a long history of bullying anyone in town who dares to speak out publicly against them. So, naturally when Claremont Courier Editor Rebecca JamesCourie ran an editorial critical of the city's Landscape and Lighting District assessment, those same folk had to put the screws to the Courier in the form of an error-filled letter by former Claremont Mayors Judy Wright and Diann Ring to the paper--a letter made public at the last City Council meeting on 6/12/2007.

The Courier ran the letter in today's issue, along with its response standing by its original comments and pointing out some of the false information Wright and Ring cited in their letter. We noted some of the same problems a couple days ago, and it's greatly refreshing to see them finally get called publicly on such things. Right is right, and Wright and Ring are wrong - AGAIN.

At the least, this is a long-overdue discrediting of the two busybodies, who really ought to remember that they're no longer elected officials and need to let a new generation run things without their constant interference. They had their day, now they should move on. (Current councilmembers Sam Pedroza and Linda Elderkin ought to take note: As one of our readers has noted, at the 6/12/07 meeting, they echoed the some of the same false information about the LLD that Wright and Ring wrote in their letter.)

We hope this emboldens others to point out any such misstatements in the future. Maybe we need a Claremont 400 Fact Watch. Email us whenever you catch them twisting statistics, quotes, the historical record, etc. As long as it can be confirmed independently, preferably with backup in the city's official records, we'll print it.