Claremont Insider: More Mailbag

Sunday, June 24, 2007

More Mailbag

We received this letter in response to our coverage of Claremont's Landscaping and Lighting District (LLD) assessment debate:

The Claremont City Council minutes of June 12th are now available on the city's website as Item #4. On the first page of the minutes, after Peter Yao announces that the owners of Johnson's Pasture have agreed to the 11.5 million price, Ellen Taylor congratulates and thanks Sandy Baldonado for her efforts in securing the Pasture. Huh? Wasn't this the person who did not want the bond and when the assessment failed made uncivil and disparaging remarks about Claremont residents who defeated it? Pray tell ,how did she help acquire the land? More backslapping among the Claremont 400 following in the wake of the other backslapping done by the League of Women (read Democrat) Voters in their award to her. No wonder this local League is losing members. They have lost their credibility even more with this award and I have talked to a few people who are not renewing their membership because of it.

Also ,check out the minutes of the same meeting when the LLD is being discussed and see how Pedroza and Elderkin deny that there was ever any mention of sunsetting the LLD. I guess these two new councilmembers need to attend the Claremont After School Program and let some of the volunteers help them with their homework , as they seem to be deficient in the area of research.

As you at the Buzz have so clearly and FACTUALLY presented your readers with the exact minutes of the meeting where this was discussed, it was clearly the intent of both the Citizens committee and some of the council that it be sunsetted. I think Elderkin and Pedroza need to stop opening their mouths like geese being forced fed and stop swallowing the crapola that they are being fed and do their own research. One wonders what other delicacies of misinformation they will be fed in dealing with more weighty issues like the water company acquisition?

Thank God that you at the Buzz, whoever you people (or person) are, have at least done the research that the local papers should be doing and are another source of information for people other than the misinformation or misremembering by some of the more senior doyens of Claremont who feed this stuff to the newspapers.

I, like you, are still waiting for Diann Ring and her cohorts to come up with some incidences of lies by you that she says you spread in your blog. I have not found any yet, and opinion is just that, your opinion. If you have access to some of the newspapers articles from past Couriers or Bulletins (Couriers are available on microfiche in the Public Library) you should see the outrageous opinions she and her buddies have spewed out over the years. Check it out.