Claremont Insider: More on Dis(re)membering History

Saturday, June 16, 2007

More on Dis(re)membering History

We have received several reader comments on the Wright-Ring-McCready letter to the editor of the Courier (copies to City Council) which we will post as time permits:

Nothing better captures the pretentious arrogance of Claremont's rulers than the letter on your blog, Dis(re)membering History. It is especially funny that it starts out with an obvious and verifiable factual error while hectoring the Editor of the Courier to do her homework.

By the way, I checked my copy of the newspaper and Rebecca JamesCourie's title is given as "Editor", not "Acting Editor" as Wright, Ring, and McCready state it. Didn't they do their research on this either?

Or is this just their little way of pressing an ad hominem attack, mean-spiritedly telling Ms. JamesCourie that she is not an authentic editor; they know that.

I suspect that all of the other so-called "facts" in the letter are also spin, half-truths, untruths, and self-justifications.