Claremont Insider: Courier Fails to Print Wright-Ring-McCready Letter

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Courier Fails to Print Wright-Ring-McCready Letter

We stopped by the newsstand this morning to pick up a copy of the Claremont Courier, expecting to see that Judy Wright's and Diann Ring's letter had been printed. We were a bit surprised to find that it wasn't in Saturday's issue. Our sources tell us that it had been hand-carried to the paper last week by the lead author, well in time for publication.

What's going on?

Several possibilities present themselves:

  1. Maybe the editor decided that it wasn't newsworthy and wasn't worth what we now know is called "free ink". If so, we believe that judgment is in error. Still, the Courier has been a bit anodyne in recent months. Maybe it's the editor's predilection or maybe it's on instructions from the publisher to keep controversy out of the paper.
  2. Maybe there was no space. Sometimes production issues preclude inclusion of a piece. This idea seems far-fetched to us, because the letter was available Tuesday, just as the Wednesday issue was put to bed and as work would begin on Saturday's issue.
  3. Maybe the editor was doing the authors a favor by declining to publish an intemperate piece that so clearly puts the authors in a bad light. Hoist on their own petard, as it were.
  4. Maybe some of the more egregious defects were recognized by authors and they spiked their own letter pending "more attention to researching and understanding the facts about the issues..."

Meanwhile, be sure to check back often to this space for continuing coverage of this story. All Judy and Diann, all the time.

(What about Bill? We are not forgetting Bill McCready in all of this. Sure, his name was on the letter. But we don't believe he had much to do with it. He has been a sycophant of Diann's at least since he was seen flipping tortillas in the corner of the dining room of the Padua Hills Theatre at one of her fund-raising events in the 90s.)