Claremont Insider: 16, Meet 44; or Hello, Dali

Monday, March 30, 2009

16, Meet 44; or Hello, Dali

One sometimes marvels at the surreal nature of the Inland Empire. Heck, no less a surrealist than David Lynch once made a feature with the I.E. in its title, though, as a fellow Insider has pointed out, you may not want to waste your time on that one.

What got us to musing on the surreal life was our posts on President Obama's visit here two weeks ago, particularly that pixilated close up of the Prez as he roamed Claremont and La Verne in Limo One:

Our President
from photo by Stephanie Arrelanes, University of La Verne's Campus Times

We've heard that the weight of the office of POTUS has an aging effect, leaving its occupants grayer and more frail on retiring from the White House than when they enter. We never noticed, though, how the Chief Executives also become less substantial or at least less resolved, digitally speaking.

For some reason, the effect is especially pronounced if the Prez in question hails from Illinois. Maybe it's the water: