Claremont Insider: CUSD Wrestles with Budget

Sunday, March 22, 2009

CUSD Wrestles with Budget

The Daily Bulletin reported on the Claremont Unified School District passing an interim budget at their meeting last Thursday night.

The board is facing a number of fiscal uncertainties, including a state budget may be have an unexpected deficit to the tune $8 billion despite the recent budget agreement in Sacramento. We also don't know what the outcome of the May 19th special election will be. The budget agreement's success hinges on the passage of several ballot measures, particularly 1B through 1E.

Until the May election, uncertainty will continue to reign in the CUSD and throughout California. The Bulletin noted some of the measures CUSD officials have already taken, and they quoted school board member Jeanne Hamilton, who acknowledged the board may face some unpopular choices:

There have already been 12 staff position cuts from the district in February.

The cuts and reductions are being used to address a $3 million to $4 million deficit for the district in the next school year.

"While it would be nice and certainly popular to be opposed to cuts, I don't think we have the luxury," said Hamilton. "It's tough and it may be unpopular, but every decision we make that is a cut will be unpopular."