Claremont Insider: An Adamant Adams

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An Adamant Adams

Anthony Adams
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It's old news but still worth noting that there continues to be fallout for the so-called Sacramento Six, those Republicans in the state legislature that went voted with Democrats to approve the state budget agreement.

The LA Times reported Sunday that State Senator Dave Codgill and the other five Republicans to crossover with their budget votes are catching hell from upset constituents in their respective State Senate and Assembly districts:
Just weeks after Cogdill and five other Republican lawmakers joined the Legislature's majority Democrats to raise sales and income taxes and vehicle license fees, the "Sacramento Six" are facing a backlash from conservative activists and regular voters alike.

State Republican Party leaders have voted to cut off campaign cash to the six, and three are facing recall threats from furious activists.

Cogdill, 58, is bracing for a challenge in the 2010 Republican primary; a group in his district is trying to find a candidate to run against him. He has already been deposed as Senate minority leader by Republican colleagues, been booted from a big office and had his pay slashed by $17,000 a year.

"I don't think there is any doubt . . . that our careers are in jeopardy," Cogdill said.

And the Daily Bulletin had an article by Will Bigham last week about our area's assemblyman, Anthony Adams, having to resign as chair of the San Bernardino County Republican Party because of his budget vote. Adams may be down, but he's not completely out. He's sticking to his fiscal guns:
GOP furor over his vote, which made him one of six Republican legislators to join Democrats in support of the budget, resulted in his resignation at the county party's meeting Thursday night.

After the meeting, Adams, R-Claremont, did not back down from his support of the state budget, which included $13 billion in tax increases.

"I absolutely made the correct decision," Adams said. "The state was facing insolvency, and there was no way I was going to let teachers, firefighters and small business owners in the state pay the ultimate sacrifice because of our lack of action."

The Bulletin reports in today's paper that Upland City Councilmember Ken Willis will replace Adams as chair of the S.B. County Republican Party.