Claremont Insider: Happy 50th, CLL

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy 50th, CLL

The Claremont Courier's Sean Pravica reported yesterday that the local little league season opened last Saturday for the 50th year. Congratulations to Claremont Little League on its golden anniversary.

Pravica's article quoted the Little League president as he talked about ideals the league strives for:

Bernie Bernstein, now serving his second year as Claremont League President, discussed what he and the coaches stress for their players.

“We teach the fundamentals of baseball," Mr. Bernstein said. "The kids are learning how to hit, catch, and pitch. They learn working together as a team, sharing, and having fun.”

Mr. Bernstein said that learning the game is the major emphasis for all of the athletes. He described one of the league’s current goals is to start a mentor program, which would pair older players with coaches of lower divisions. Kids playing in Juniors would help those in Majors, Majors would assist with JV, and so on. He explained the high school teams are the beneficiaries of the league, and that the mentor program would be designed to further instill the rudiments of the game.

He added there are over 250 volunteers who give their time to the league, and many local businesses support them as well through sponsoring advertisement signs on the fields.

We're told that there were a lot of dignitaries on hand to help the league celebrate its 50th season opener. Several city councilmembers were there, taking a break from their official and semi-official duties.

Also, Bob Boldig, who played in the league's inaugural season in 1959, spoke to the crowd. Thanks to the reader who forwarded these photos to us:

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Left to right: Claremont City Councilmembers Larry Schroeder,
Corey Calaycay, and Sam Pedroza.

Former Claremont Little Leaguer Bob Boldig
shares his memories with the crowd.