Claremont Insider: Anthony's Excellent Evening with Arnold

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Anthony's Excellent Evening with Arnold

As this is written Claremont's Assemblymember, Anthony Adams, is the feted guest at a lavish fundraiser in Glendora. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is the draw. Adams faces a potential recall and in fact was served with the legally-required recall papers this afternoon prior to the gathering of the guests by Mike Schroeder, a leader of the effort.

The drum for this recall effort is being beaten by KFI Radio's John and Ken, who in Fall of 2004 went after Congressman David Dreier (unsuccessfully).

This whole tempest, including the fundraiser, is due to Republican (RINO?) Adams going back on his promise not to raise taxes, and voting with Democrats to allow the recent budget deal and huge tax hike to pass in the Assembly. This action has stirred a hornets' nest of opposition within his own party. As part of the deal, Governor Arnold promised Adams tangible help. Like this fundraising event with himself as the draw.

Adams now has 7 days for to prepare an answer to the recall. From the documents filed by the proponents and Adams' answer, a petition will be prepared. When it is approved, the proponents have 150 days to collect some 50,000 signatures to ensure they meet the legally required number, which is nearer 30,000. They are shooting for an election, which must be called by the Governor between 47 and 62 days after the petitions are certified, sometime around November.

A reader sent some photos taken this evening as a very small group of protesters gathered at the entrance to the estate. No word on whether Sam Pedroza attended, as he co-hosted a fund-raiser for Adams just two years ago (see flyer, right).

There's a lot more to this story and to the personalities, but for now just enjoy the pictures of a pleasant Spring afternoon in Glendora:

The protesters never numbered more than about fifteen.
Leaders Lee Lowrey and Mike Schroeder in middle distance

The protesters might well have been outnumbered by the police

The mansion on the hill where the fundraiser was held

The gubernatorial motorcade approaches

Is that Governor Schwarzenegger?

Is it?

* * * * * *

A H/T to a reader for the photos