Claremont Insider: Department of Corrections

Friday, April 3, 2009

Department of Corrections

Our April Fool! post was wrong in its entirety and we'd like to apologize to the community for messing this up. You may recall that we spun a fantastic tale about Bridget Healy, that ol' Carpetbagger, being nominated to the Claremont Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, all done in the most light-hearted and whimsical way to give our readership a little April Fool cheer. We fabricated quotes. We made things up out of whole cloth. We went over the top

Well, it turns out that wasn't such a tall tale after all. Arrives now in the mail the April 2009 number of the Chamber newsletter, Business News, and right there on the front page is the notice of "Nominating Committees [sic] Recommendations for Board Members". Down towards the bottom of the first column is the following:

At the meeting in February the Board voted to increase its size to 20 members. The nominating committee suggested:

Ira Jackson, Drucker School of Business Management for a 3 year term expiring in 2012

Jeremy Cooper, Pay-Pro Services for a 2 year term expiring in 2011

Bridget Healy, Consultant for a 1 year term expiring in 2010

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We see that Bridget Healy has been listed as an "Associate Member" of the Chamber so her "consulting" business must be a new one. Guess she needs a little more than her $150K plus per year city pension to scrape by. (See this post, midway down, under "Doing the Pension Math")