Claremont Insider: Friday Foto Shop

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Foto Shop

Friday Foto: Schwarzenegger Passes Obama in Pomona

If the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin can have one First Amendment Friday every couple of years, we figured we could inaugurate an irregular feature--the Friday Foto Shop.

Through technical means available only here, we are able to present a Foto somehow missed by the other media.

We know that President Obama was in Pomona and, well, very, very close to Claremont late last month. And you may recall the fundraiser for Assemblyman Anthony Adams last week in Glendora that was attended by Governor Schwarzenegger. What was somehow missed by everyone (but us) is this apparent and nearly irrefutable fotographic evidence that these two worthies (the Pres. and the Gov.) actually passed each other in their repsective beefy, masculine, heavily-armored and authority-oozing black-vehicle convoys while driving on a Pomona street.

Now there might be some people who maintain this never happened. Who are you going to believe?--them or your lying eyes?