Claremont Insider: Oliver Chi for Claremont City Council?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Oliver Chi for Claremont City Council?

From the Mailbag...
We received an email last week from a reader wondering whether Oliver Chi, ousted Rosemead City Manager and former Claremont Assistant City Manager, would run for Claremont City Council next time around, in March of 2011.

This was a scary thought, but as we reflected on it, an obvious one. Despite one obvious difference between Bridget Healy and Oliver Chi, there are already some parallels: Both are proteges of Glenn Southard; both left the city of Claremont; both are acceptably malleable in their veracities; neither had notable success here in town; both merely labored in the vineyard and did the bidding of the overseer; both have their nest lined with hundreds of thousands of dollars of money from their cities--Bridget in her six-figure pension payment for time spent (honest graft), Oliver in his extraordinary $300,000+ severance payment for services not rendered with a little extra to get him out within 90 days of the Rosemead municipal election (dishonest graft).

The email:

so when does...
Wednesday, April 15, 2009 4:45 PM

...Oliver Chi run for a seat on the Claremont City Council

We can already imagine the signs placed by the Powers That Be on the Porkchop Park at Indian Hill and Harrison as shown above, but are not sure we are ready to see Oliver Chi every day: