Claremont Insider: Called Out (Or Let's Settle It in the Parking Lot)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Called Out (Or Let's Settle It in the Parking Lot)

We received an email responding to Saturday's post about the Claremont Earth Day speakers:

DATE: Sunday, April 26, 2009 12:41PM
SUBJECT: See You There!
TO: Claremont Buzz

I recently read your comments on the Rivers and Mountains Conservancy and wonder what kind of JACKASS speaks so harshly about senior citizens who are working voluntarily, without desire for profit, to secure Claremont's water future and improve our ecological resources? Your ridiculous and disrespectful 'insights' on the motivation of these very good, intelligent, and giving people, who are working very hard for our community, is nothing short of offensive. To describe a public presentation given on Earth Day (precisely to generate public interest, involvement, and to inform on the proposed endeavor) a 'Dog and Pony Show' is nothing but a disrespectful and dishonest slur.

It's a good thing you remain anonymous! If I ever heard anyone speak publicly of a senior citizen the way you have, or treat ANY retired volunteer in such a way, I would sock them square in the face! Have some respect. Perhaps your lowest common denominator readers appreciate your slanderous low brow humor, half truths, and misinformed viewpoints ... but if you truly want to make a positive difference in our community perhaps we should all remember and espouse some basic principles: don't slander people just because you disagree with them; arguments should be based on fact, sincere philosophy and values and not your brand of name calling low brow rhetoric; and most important of all in this instance ... RESPECT YOUR ELDERS.

See you there JACKASS!