Claremont Insider: New Village Banners Are Up

Friday, April 3, 2009

New Village Banners Are Up

While we're discussing people who've got a bone to pick with the Pooch Park, it's time to mention that the new Claremont banners are up!

To help support public art, the city holds a banner contest every year with the theme "Enjoy Claremont." The banners are roughly 2 feet wide and 4 feet long canvas rectangles and hang from the lamp posts in the Village for the first two weeks of April.

The city picks 14 new designs each year and pays $250 to the artists to add their work to the growing collection. If you walk through the village right now, you'll be able to see several years' worth of work. As you notice certain themes in each year's banners (the 4th of July, diversity, coffee, shopping, the colleges), it's almost like seeing the geological layers of the city!

The new 2009 banners are mostly located on Indian Hill.

Enjoy them while they're up! Maybe you'll think of a possible theme for next year's contest (Claremont blogs? Spelling Bee? Girl Scout Cookies? Surely Big George deserves his own banner!)