Claremont Insider: Protest Is in the Air

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Protest Is in the Air

A friend sent us a couple of snaps of some bedsheet signs that went up Tuesday (and probably came down shortly thereafter) on the Mills/210 overpass near the Vons market. They were readable to westbound traffic--ignoring the fact that at rush hour Tuesday afternoon most of the traffic would be eastbound.

This is probably Pitzoids doing some of their "protest for credit" that was alleged in connection with the local Republican Club event that was chased from Buca de Beppo last week. (note: the whole "protest for credit" idea seems to have been debunked.)

We are not to sure, but the proponents seem to be--it's just a guess--against David Dreier, for more college grants, for, for reading, thinking, and acting, and against clean coal, or we should say, with the usual academic scare quotes, "clean coal". Here, through the magic of Photoshop, we are able to present the signs in readable form, even though the originals came to us reading through the back of the sheets.

We are once again on notice that the rebellious juices are not dead, even with (or perhaps because of) the impending end of the semester. Will these causes be the topic of future council meetings? Only time will tell. At least at recent council meetings all the agitation by committees in South Claremont and Coalitions in Claraboya has been for apartment dwellers and low and very low income rental dwelling dwellers...not for these issues.

Reminds us of the last protest at the graduate school housing, which had much better graphics: