Claremont Insider: CMS Golfers in the News

Saturday, February 20, 2010

CMS Golfers in the News

We tried. We really tried to avoid a certain multi-ethnic golfer's ubiquity, but in the end we could not. His mighty public relations reach extended even to Claremont.

A reader sent us a link to a CBS News video of reaction to Tiger Woods' press conference last Friday in which he issued a public apology for his indiscretions. Several members of the Claremont-Mudd-Scripps women's golf team were interviewed for the story. The piece aired on Friday's CBS Evening News, and their website has the story posted.

Here are some quotes from the CBS News report:

"I think it was just shocking and kind of upsetting," said Scripps College student Kristina Block.

They watched as Woods tried to claw his way out of his moral hazard, apologizing to his business partners, his foundation and the young golfers who idolized him. Some were forgiving.

"Everyone makes mistakes, and he realizes his mistakes," Block said.

Some felt for his wife.

"You're giving someone your heart, and he tore it out of her," Claremont McKenna College student Brittany Isobe said crying.

Some were still angry.

"No amount of apology or words is going to eradicate what he did," said Claremont McKenna student Kacie Curd.

We're not quite sure about the new usage for the term "moral hazard." It certainly reduces the Elin-Tiger marriage to a transactional relationship.

Anyway, here's the video:

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