Claremont Insider: Commissoners Nix 7-Eleven

Friday, February 19, 2010

Commissoners Nix 7-Eleven

To Claremont fans of extruded frozen beverages: Sorry, no Slurpees for you.

In case you didn't hear, the Claremont Planning Commission said no to a conditional use permit application for the proposed 7-Eleven that would have gone into the empty commercial building at the northeast corner of Foothill Blvd. and Mills Ave.

Daily Bulletin reporter Wes Woods II tells us
that over 20 residents turned out to last Tuesday night's Planning Commission meeting to voice their objections to the 24-hour convenience store. Woods' article also said that city staff found that local cities typically receive between $12,000 to $21,000 in annual sales tax revenue from a 7-Eleven location.

Planning commissioners vote 6-1 against the CUP application. Woods quoted several commissioners who explained the reasoning behind their votes:

Commissioner K.M. Williamson, before her no vote, said, "this is a tough site. A lot of attention needs to be paid to that fit." She said she took into account residents' concerns about alcohol sales, the 24-hour opening and, "to a lesser degree," the convenience store.

Commissioner Cynthia Humes voted for 7-Eleven because she felt the business met all of the conditions for the permits.

"The homeowners association has done a good job in turning people out," Humes said. She said if the intersection where the 7-Eleven was to be located is unsafe in terms of traffic, "let's fix it."

Commissioner Jeff Hammill said one of the letters he received was against the project because it would bring people who drink alcohol, eat junk food and smoke cigarettes.

The applicants can still appeal the matter to the City Council. However, given the outcry against the 7-Eleven, it would be difficult to see the council overturning the planning commission's decision.