Claremont Insider: San Dimas Landslide Clogs Freeways

Thursday, February 18, 2010

San Dimas Landslide Clogs Freeways

The morning and evening commutes turned into an ordeal for those on trying to get onto the 57 freeway from the westbound 10 or the northbound 71 in San Dimas. A major landslide closed the transition ramps at that junction at around 8:45am this morning.

According to the Daily Bulletin
, Caltrans has determined that the hillside is still unstable, and the connectors remain closed. The article said that the ramps will be closed for days as Caltrans tries to clear the road and stabilize the hill. The Bulletin reported on the activity at the site:

Workers started bulldozing the base of the landslide about 2 p.m., after Cal Trans officials received reports that a vehicle could be trapped under the pile.

The hillside had been cut away during construction of the road. It's mostly flat top allowed water to percolate into the ground instead of running off during the recent rain storms, [Cal Poly Pomona geology professor Jonathan] Nourse said.

The Bulletin website also has a gallery of photos taken by Claremont resident Blair D. Fickett.