Claremont Insider: Driven

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Maid-Rite, the nation's first drive-through - Springfield, IL
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In case you were wondering, Claremont's Planning Commission approved that revised drive-through ordinance Tuesday night. The matter now goes to the Claremont City Council for consideration on March 9.

If the ordinance is implemented, Walgreens will go ahead with a drugstore at the Peppertree Square Center at Arrow Hwy. and Indian Hill Blvd. A Fresh & Easy store will also go in but is contingent on the Walgreens getting built.

According to the Daily Bulletin, some folks in town are not too happy with the prospective lifting of the City's drive-through ban:
The ordinance has had its skepticism from community groups, such as Protect Our Neighborhoods and League of Women Voters of the Claremont Area.

Ray Fowler, Protect Our Neighborhoods representative, expressed concern about environmental impacts.

"While everyone agrees on the need for a grocery and drug store there, they do not agree that a drive-through is right for traffic safety or air quality issues," Fowler said.