Claremont Insider: Aikido Classes Offered

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Aikido Classes Offered

Musubi Dojo
1420 N. Claremont Blvd, Suite 204 A
Claremont, CA 91711
(909) 624-7770

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Abbie at sent us a note a while ago (sorry for not getting this posted sooner, Abbie):

How about something on Aikido: Claremont has been the home of Musubi Dojo, a school of Aikido for 30 years. What a service it provides to the community would be a great angle.


We don't know much about aikido, but we've met a few people over the years who've practiced this martial art, which from what we've been told is as much about a life philosophy and a way of looking at the world as it about self-defense. The Musubi Dojo's website has this to say about their discipline:

The deep philosophy of Aikido surrounds its practice. Everything around us has meaning and part of being awake is to understand and appreciate what that is. So, for instance, the hakama’s (the large pleated skirt/pants that is a part of the Aikido uniform) is not just a part of the Aikido uniform but a constant reminder of Aikido’s traditional values. Each of the 7 pleats of the hakama stand for one of the following virtues: courage, self-control, loyalty, piety, friendliness, wisdom, and courtesy. It is thought that those who manage to bring their attention to the meaning of their uniform will carry these values into their Aikido practice as well. Waking students up to their responsibility to foster this same attitude off the mat in their daily lives is a conscious aim of Musubi Dojo’s founders.

The dojo also offers yoga classes. We don't know if they offer musubis for you fans of Hawaiian cuisine.

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