Claremont Insider: College Crime Watch

Saturday, February 2, 2008

College Crime Watch

Will Bigham in yesterday's Daily Bulletin reported that an on-campus gay and lesbian student support center at Pomona College was vandalized with a fire extinguisher Thursday.

At this point, there is apparently nothing to indicate that this was a hate-crime incident. Bigham's article stated:

A Pomona College spokeswoman said there is no evidence to indicate the Queer Resource Center of the Claremont Colleges was specifically targeted for political reasons.

The powder from the extinguisher was set to be cleaned up at the center Thursday.

An open house scheduled for Thursday evening was expected to proceed as planned, said Cynthia Peters, Pomona College spokeswoman.

A kitchen area adjacent to the center, located on the Pomona College campus at Walton Commons, was also vandalized, Peters said.

"Early reports are that most of the extinguisher was released in the kitchen," she said.

College officials have learned from past experience to allow these sorts of things to be investigated fully before making any pronouncements about the perpetrators' motives. As we all know, Claremont has been the scene of hate-crimes in the past, both real and imagined.