Claremont Insider: Baseline Affordable Housing Falling Apart

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Baseline Affordable Housing Falling Apart

When we ended a recent post on the Claremont affordable rental housing with the phrase, "look for more turmoil", we were--as they say--prescient.

There are lots of rumors flying around town about some kind of divorce between the City and and Enhanced Affordable Development, "the contractor" that Mayor Yao referred to when he said, not so cryptically, "...If he won't do it, we'll find someone else..." (link here, or here, or here)

Maybe it was never going to happen that the City of Claremont and Enhanced Affordable Development would kiss and make up, after losing the $2 1/2 million dowry from the County that Enhanced was supposed to bring in. But does the City really have to dump its political garbage on them?

It ought to be the job of the crackerjack, dynamite, highly paid city staff to follow important agencies in the County upon whom its projects depend.

Let the finger-pointing begin!