Claremont Insider: Bright College Days

Friday, February 22, 2008

Bright College Days

The possibilities for a new Alma Mater for Pomona College are endless. We find ourselves favoring one based on the current rap (or is it hip-hop?) idiom. We are sure all the college contituencies could get down with it. The tone might seem a little harsh at first with the references to "Niggaz", Hos, Mutha****a's, S**t, Phat--stuff like that. We admit we haven't thought through the "implications" (See this TSL article, quotation of Clio Beauvoir, third to last paragraph), and we further admit that we don't entirely comprehend the nuances of all of the lyrics, but perhaps "School Spirit" by Kanye West (lyrics linked here) (YouTube audio linked here)would provide a suitable beginning for the discussion.

Or perhaps in a somewhat subtler motif, Pomona could just adopt the lyrics of "Bright College Days" by satirist Tom Lehrer. While a few of the references could use updating, we think it possible these lines still capture the desired spirit,

Bright College Days, oh carefree days that fly
To thee we sing, with our glasses raised on high.
Let's drink a toast, as each of us recalls
Ivy-covered professors, in ivy-covered halls...

and ending,

...Soon we'll be out amid the cold world's strife.
Soon we'll be sliding down the razor blade of life.
But as we go our sordid separate ways
We shall ne'er forget thee, thou golden college days.

(spoken, with feeling)
Hearts full of youth.
Hearts full of truth.
Six parts gin to one part vermouth.
(This link to YouTube provides a rendition of the Lehrer song sung by Lehrer himself. Ignore the video and listen in.)