Claremont Insider: Housekeeping

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


At the request of a few readers, we've appended our Claremont Colleges blogroll in the left hand margin. We've also moved the colleges up the list.

Our Claremont Colleges additions include:

  • A link to Claremont McKenna College's Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum website. You can get lists of speakers and make reservations on the site.

  • The Claremont Port Side, a newsmagazine that says of itself:

    "The Claremont Port Side is progressive magazine dedicated to advancing debate at the Claremont Colleges with thoughtful insights and reporting."

  • The Compass, a blog run by The Port Side.

  • The Claremont Independent, a print and online news source covering the five colleges:

    "The Claremont Independent is a 5-C monthly newspaper that covers everything from campus issues to international politics to entertainment reviews. We seek to engage our campuses with a journalistic eye and act as a catalyst for discourse on a wide array of subjects.

    We do not receive funding from any 5-C school and are thusly independent in our funding as well as our partisianship. We are unabashedly conservative but are not beholden to any party in particular."

  • Stagafling, a CMC blog:

    "One Humble CMCer's View of Academia in Claremont."